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Protease Assay Service

Approximately 500 putative proteases have been identified in human genome. Through controlling complex proteolytic activities, proteases participate in a wide range of physiological processes. Many of them have been utilized as targets for therapeutic intervention, such as Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP-IV) and HIV-1 protease for diabetes and AIDS, respectively. However, precise roles of many proteases remain unknown in many diseases. To speed up the drug discovery process that involves protease targets, Creative BioMart has developed a protease assay panel for protease screening and profiling. Moreover, custom assay development service is available to facilitate your drug screening against protease targets of your interest.

Featured Services:

  • Assay development for high throughput screening
  • Protease substrate determination based on peptide library
  • High throughput screening and profiling
Protease Assay Service


  • Casein substrate – measure activity of any protease that cleaves casein into peptide fragments
  • Trypsin standard – quantify protease activity relative to trypsin, a universally accepted reference
  • Sensitive – 1000 times more sensitive than assays that use unmodified forms of casein

Creative BioMart has assembled the largest protease panel in industry which covers over 70 proteases. Our comprehensive protease panel profiling will boost your capability in evaluating structure-activity relationship in drug development process and minimize the risks in overall clinical stage.

Protease Assay Service

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