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Protein Expression Microarray

Creative BioMart has a high throughput protein microarray technique that enables measurements of protein expression levels in hundreds of biological samples. Proteins extracted from cell lysates, bio-fluids or fixed-tissues are immobilized as spots in rows on a solid support. Each micro-spot holds the entire proteome of a sample. Highly specific antibodies are used to simultaneously screen these spots for the level of distinct target proteins.


  • High throughput method using automation
  • Microvolumes of sample (5-10 µl)
  • Convenient cost

Key advantages against Western Blot analyses:

  Creative BioMart Protein expression Microarray Western blot
Speed and costs -until 500 sample per slide
-until 16 antibodies per slide
-Low amount of sample needed
(5ul to test hundreds of targets simultaneously)
-until 10 sample per gel
-1 antibody per gel
-Significant amount of sample needed
(10ul for each target to test)
Data quality -Accuracy 5%
-High reproducibility (C.V. around 5%)
-Accuracy 20%
-Medium reproducibility (C.V. around 25%)

Price on request, please contact us for a quote or for further information.

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