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Protein Labeling

Protein Labeling

Protein Labeling

Our custom protein labeling & conjugation service provides personalized solutions designed to supply researchers with the widest choice of labels and conjugates to meet their specific needs . We offers high quality, efficient and cost-saving labeling & conjugation services with the largest selections of labels and protocols. We can help you decide on the most suitable conjugate or approach for your applications and optimize labeling procedures toward your specific need. We will find a solution for you at Creative BioMart .

Furthermore, our R&D team can support you in analyzing critical variables affecting labeling or conjugate behaviors:
  • Type of labeling/conjugation reaction: site-specific vs. random coupling
  • Site of labeling/conjugation: to reduce steric hindrance, minimize negative impact on folding and activity
  • Labeling/Conjugate stoichiometry
  • In vivo labeling behavior
  • Immunogenicity and In vitro stability of the linker group

Protein Labeling

Our extensive experiences and prestigious technique in protein labeling & conjugation has emerged as a powerful tool for several different application fields, demonstrated by our tracking records :

Protein Labeling

  • Biomolecular NMR
  • Enzyme & Antibody modifications and conjugations (biotin, chromo- and fluorophores)
  • Nanoparticle functionalization (e.g gold-labeled, magnetic nanoparticles, silica particle)
  • Surface immobilization (e.g. Microtitre wells, silica and gold slides)
  • Development of 'small' molecule drug & enzyme conjugates to therapeutic antibodies
  • Modification of key properties of therapeutic proteins to optimise PK/PD behaviour
  • In-vivo protein trafficking and subcellular localization
  • Conjugated biopharmaceuticals for targeted delivery of cytotoxic agents

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