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Protein Pathway Profiling

Signaling pathways are protein networks involved in multiple cell-development processes like apoptosis, angiogenesis, proliferation, differentiation and so on. Creative BioMart specializes in cell pathways profiling. Our specific antibodies enable to analyze the dysregulation and phosphorylation status of key cell signaling pathways studied in drug discovery and therapeutic development.

Main applications:

  • Study of disease mechanisms in biological samples or fixed tissues
  • Identification of pathways involved in drug resistance
  • Early evaluation of drug efficacy (dose response, time course) and mechanism of action in cell based assays
  • Evaluation of combination therapies
  • Fingerprint comparison of biologics and biosimilar activity
  • Assessment of in vitro or animals models

Protein Pathway Profiling

As far as you know which pathway you want to profile, we will discuss together to select the key targets to profile. After this study design step, we can carry out the protein extraction and quantification. We'll then achieve the printing of your samples on the chips and the specific hybridizations, followed by the collecting of your data according to our scanning platform. For each experiment we synthetize raw and normalize data in a detailed study report. Further custom bioinformatics analysis are available like 2D clustering, statistics and scatter plots to improve data interpretation.

Protein Pathway Profiling

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