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Epigenetics-Based Assay Development

As one of the booming fields, epigenetics bridges genotype to phenotype and provides in-depth understanding of aging, human development, the origins of cancer, metabolic diseases, heart disease, mental illness, as well as several other diseases. Post-translational modifications of histones, together with factors responsible for writing, reading and erasing histone modifications, serves as a regulatory platform for controlling and/or fine-tuning numerous important DNA-templated processes. Targeting epigenetics, especially histone modifications, makes a promising strategy in the research and development of next-generation drugs.

Creative BioMart offers comprehensive epigenetic solutions and services for assay development

Biochemical assay development (writers and erasers for histone modifications):

  • Assay formats: TR-FRET (LANCE Ultra, HTRF, LathaScreen), AlphaScreen, Caliper, fluorometric, luminescent, radiometric, etc.
  • Substrate choices include peptide, recombinant histone protein and reconstituted nucleosome.
  • Assay development includes routine assay optimization (enzyme titration, time course, Km determination etc.) and assay validation (DMSO tolerance, Z' test, compound validation, etc.).

Biochemical protein-protein interaction assay development (readers for histone modifications):

Epigenetics-Based Assay Development

  • Multiple families of conserved domains (i.e. Bromo, Chromo, PHD, Tudor, MBT etc.) were shown to recognize and interact with modified histones, leading to interpretation of post-translational modifications language. Creative BioMart provides services to help you identify and characterize compounds targeting this special protein-protein interaction.
  • Assay formats: TR-FRET (HTRF, LANCE), AlphaScreen, fluorescence polarization, Biacore, radiometric, etc.
  • Assay development includes routine assay optimization (protein titration, Kd determination, antibody titration etc.) and assay validation (DMSO tolerance, Z’ test, compound validation, etc.).

Cellular assay development:

  • Assay formats: AlphaLISA, BacMam, ELISA, Western blot, etc.
  • Assay development includes antibody specificity evaluation, routine assay optimization and validation.

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