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Protein Kinase Assay

Creative BioMart offers the widest and most comprehensive breadth of technologies available to screen for kinase enzyme activity. This portfolio consists of technologies that range from homogenous assays utilizing peptide substrates to antibody specific assays.


  • Over 500 kinase proteins now available!
  • Over 800 available kinase assays across eight distinct technology platforms.
  • Over 18,000 kinase profiling projects completed through our Services.
  • Free consultation available to help you select the right tools or services for your project.

Creative BioMart also offers an assortment of methods for detecting the metabolism of phosphate esters. These fluorogenic and chromogenic substrates and assay kits include substrates for phosphatases as well as reagents to measure the activity of enzymes.

Services including:

  • Biochemical Kinase Assays.
  • Kinase Antibodies & Immunoassays.
  • Screening & Profiling Services.
  • Cellular Kinase & phosphatase Pathway Assays.

Protein Kinase Assay


With over decades of experience and collaborations with leading academic labs in the field of protein phosphorylation research, our service has considerable technical experience and access to the industry's thought leaders. This ensures that we can provide you with the highest quality services.

Protein Kinase Assay

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