Protein Microarray Service

Protein Microarray Service

Protein Microarrays can be based on any ligand-binding assay that relies on the formation of product with an immobilized capture molecule and a target molecule present in the solution. These assays can be miniturized and placed on a protein microarray chip. Protein microarrays are now becoming very popular due to their possible future applications in the study of nucleic acid-protein, protein-protein, ligand-receptor, drug-protein target, and enzyme-substrate interactions.

Creative BioMart now offers customizable parallel synthesis and microfluidic technologies to create a microarray of thousands of peptides for binding to your protein or antibody sample and a comprehensive protein and/or antibody analysis service utilizing these high density peptide microarrays for high throughput detection, concentration titration, and screening applications.


Protein Microarray Service

Our universal microarray platform empowers us to provide:

  • Miniaturized Multiplexed Microarray Based ELISA Assays
  • Antibody Microarrays
  • Antigen Microarrays
  • Whole Proteome Microarrays
  • Reverse Phase Microarrays
  • Peptide Microarrays
  • Glycan Microarrays


  • Immune Response Biomarker Profiling
  • Small Molecule Profiling
  • Enzyme Substrate Profiling
  • Antibody Specificity Profiling
  • Protein-Protein Interaction Profiling
  • Serum Based Diagnostics

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