• Official Full Name
  • achaete
  • Synonyms
  • AC; achaete; CG3796 gene product from transcript CG3796-RA; AS-C T5; 990 E5 F1; Ac/Sc; Achaete-scute complex protein T5; AS-C T5ac; ASC; ascT5; AST5_DROME; CG3796; EG:125H10.3; Hairy wing; Hw; Protein achaete; sc/T5; T5; CG3796-PA; ac-PA; acheate; achaete-scute; Achaete/Scute; achete; Hairy-wing; Dmel\CG3796
Source (Host):Species:Human
Product nameNative Human Activated Protein C
Source (Host):Species:Bovine
Product nameNative Bovine Activated Protein C

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