• Official Full Name
  • chromosome 13 open reading frame 15
  • Background
  • This gene is thought to regulate cell cycle progression. It is induced by p53 in response to DNA damage, or by sublytic levels of complement system proteins that result in activation of the cell cycle. The encoded protein localizes to the cytoplasm during interphase and to centrosomes during mitosis. The protein forms a complex with polo-like kinase 1. The protein also translocates to the nucleus in response to treatment with complement system proteins, and can associate with and increase the kinase activity of cell division cycle 2 protein. In different assays and cell types, overexpression of this protein has been shown to activate or suppress cell cycle progression.
  • Synonyms
  • C13ORF15; chromosome 13 open reading frame 15; response gene to complement 32 protein; bA157L14.2; response gene to complement 32; RGC 32; RGC32; KIAA0564; MGC87338; RGC-32
Source (Host):Species:Human
Product nameRecombinant Human C13orf15 293 Cell Lysate