• Official Full Name
  • carboxylesterase 2A
  • Synonyms
  • CES2A; carboxylesterase 2A; carboxylesterase 6; Carboxylesterase6; CES6; OTTMUSP00000034180; AI266984; 9130231C15Rik

CES2A Related Articles

Furman, PA; Murakami, E; et al. Activity and the metabolic activation pathway of the potent and selective hepatitis C virus pronucleotide inhibitor PSI-353661. ANTIVIRAL RESEARCH 91:120-132(2011).
Baba, A; Yoshioka, T; et al. Characterization of chemo- and regioselectivity in enzyme-catalyzed consecutive hydrolytic deprotection of methyl acetyl derivatives of 1-beta-O-acyl glucuronides. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS B-ENZYMATIC 69:74-82(2011).