• Official Full Name
  • dickkopf 1
  • Background
  • Dickkopf-related protein 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the DKK1 gene. This gene encodes a protein that is a member of the dickkopf family. It is a secreted protein with two cysteine rich regions and is involved in embryonic development through its inhibition of the WNT signaling pathway. Elevated levels of DKK1 in bone marrow plasma and peripheral blood is associated with the presenc
  • Synonyms
  • dickkopf homolog 1 (Xenopus laevis); DKK1; SK; DKK-1; Dkk-1; HDKK1; HDKK-1; Dickkopf-1; Dickkopf-related protein 1; Dickkopf related protein-1; dickkopf (Xenopus laevis) homolog 1; dickkopf homolog 1; hDkk-1
Source (Host):E. coliSpecies:Human
Product nameRecombinant Human Dickkopf Homolog 1 (Xenopus laevis)