• Official Full Name
  • histocompatibility 2, M region locus 3
  • Synonyms
  • H2-M3;histocompatibility 2, M region locus 3;ENSMUSG00000016206;Hmt;M3a;R4B2;H-2M3;17 B1;17 20.38 cM;histocompatibility 2, M region locus 3;histocompatibility 2, M region locus 3;MHC class I-b antigen M3;

H2-M3 Related Articles

Lybarger, L; Yu, YYL; et al. Tapasin enhances peptide-induced expression of H2-M3 molecules, but is not required for the retention of open conformers. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 167:2097-2105(2001).
Berg, RE; Irion, S; et al. A physiological ligand of positive selection is recognized as a weak agonist. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 165:4209-4216(2000).