• Official Full Name
  • killer cell lectin-like receptor, subfamily A, member 3
  • Background
  • Ly49C, Ly49F, Ly49H and Ly49I are members of the lectin like homodimeric Ly49 family of cell surface receptors. Mouse Ly49 receptors exhibit allelic specificity for MHC class I Ia molecules and are thought to serve to prevent natural killer (NK) cells from attacking normal cells, while allowing them to attack infected or transformed cells in which class I molecules have been down regulated. These inhibitory receptors are also expressed on a subpopulation of mouse CD8+ T cells.
  • Synonyms
  • KLRA3; killer cell lectin-like receptor, subfamily A, member 3; killer cell lectin-like receptor 3; lymphocyte antigen 49c; T-cell surface glycoprotein Ly-49C; natural killer cell-associated antigen 2; 5E6; Nk2; Nk-2; Ly49c; Nk2.1; NK-2.1; MGC123910
Source (Host):E. coliSpecies:Mouse
Product nameRecombinant Mouse KLRA3 Protein (70-266 aa), His-tagged

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