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  • Background
  • The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the TNF-receptor superfamily. This protein and TNF-receptor 1 form a heterocomplex that mediates the recruitment of two anti-apoptotic proteins, c-IAP1 and c-IAP2, which possess E3 ubiquitin ligase activity. The function of IAPs in TNF-receptor signalling is unknown, however, c-IAP1 is thought to potentiate TNF-induced apoptosis by the ubiquitination and degradation of TNF-receptor-associated factor 2, which mediates anti-apoptotic signals. Knockout studies in mice also suggest a role of this protein in protecting neurons from apoptosis by stimulating antioxidative pathways.
  • Synonyms
  • TNFRSF1B;tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 1B;p75;TBPII;TNFBR;TNFR2;CD120b;TNFR1B;TNFR80;TNF-R75;p75TNFR;TNF-R-II;p75 TNF receptor;tumor necrosis factor beta receptor;tumor necrosis factor binding protein 2
Source (Host):Baculovirus-Insect CellsSpecies:Human
Product nameRecombinant Human TNFRSF1B

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