• Official Full Name
  • zona pellucida 3 receptor
  • Background
  • Binds to ZP3 glycoprotein in egg zona pellucida. Believed to be involved in interactions between the sperm acrosome and egg zona pellucida during and immediately following the acrosome reaction.
  • Synonyms
  • SP56; AV264399; Zp3r; zona pellucida sperm-binding protein 3 receptor; OTTMUSP00000033159; OTTMUSP00000033160; sperm fertilization protein 56

ZP3R Related Articles

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Tardif, S; Akrofi, AS; et al. Infertility with Impaired Zona Pellucida Adhesion of Spermatozoa from Mice Lacking TauCstF-64. BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION 83:464-472(2010).