• Official Full Name
  • retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator
  • Synonyms
  • CRD; RP3; COD1; PCDX; RP15; XLRP3; orf15; CORDX1
Source (Host):Species:Human
Product nameRecombinant Human RPGR 293 Cell Lysate

RPGR Related Articles

Murga-Zamalloa, C; Swaroop, A; et al. Multiprotein Complexes of Retinitis Pigmentosa GTPase Regulator (RPGR), a Ciliary Protein Mutated in X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa (XLRP). RETINAL DEGENERATIVE DISEASES: LABORATORY AND THERAPEUTIC INVESTIGATIONS 664:105-114(2010).
He, S; Parapuram, SK; et al. Retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator (RPGR) protein isoforms in mammalian retina: Insights into X-linked retinitis pigmentosa and associated cillopathies. VISION RESEARCH 48:366-376(2008).