2013, the 2nd Biotechnology World Congress


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2013, the 2nd Biotechnology World Congress


Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: biopharmaceuticals discovery (CNS, cancer, cardiovascular , endocrine, immune); vaccines; antibodies ; protein engineering.

Plant and Environment: transgenic plants and crops; bioremediation; microbial diversity; bio-monitoring; photosynthetic microorganisms, cyanobacteria and microalgae.

Industrial and Manufacturing: bio-fuels; energy crops (cellulosic ethanol industry); ndustrial enzymes ; bioprocess engineering and optimization.

Medical Biotechnology: biopharmaceutical manufacturing; diagnostics; imaging; pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine); microarray technology; biomarkers.

Business Development: strategic alliances; partnering trends; product opportunities; growth; business models and strategies; licensing; merger and acquisitions; outsourcing; venture capital and financing; intellectual property.

Regenerative Medicine: stem cells , gene therapy; tissue engineering; cell based therapy; cell cultivation.

Other areas: Food; Marine; Bio-safety; Systems Biology, Clinical Research/clinical trials; bioethics; nanobiotechnology etc.

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