Back to School Season Promotion 2023

As we warmly welcome the back-to-school season, here's something that will make your scientific exploration even more exciting! From Sep. 1st to 30th, we're going a step further to facilitate your research and biotherapeutic quests with an up to 10% discount on all our high-quality products and services.

Creative BioMart is a leading provider of recombinant protein products and protein expression-related services. Our commitment to harnessing the advancements in protein expression and purification technology gives you access to robust, efficient, and reliable solutions for your most complex biology questions.

  • What


    10% off for All Products, and 5-10% off for Services on Creative BioMart

  • When


    Sep.1st – Sep.30th, 2023

  • How


    Apply the code "B2SCM23" in the 'Project Description' box when you make an inquiry or purchase. Discount will be added directly.

Remember, promotion only lasts from September 1st to 30th. Unlock this special offer and let our products and services contribute significantly to your scientific breakthroughs! Embrace the back-to-school season with Creative BioMart, where quality meets innovation!



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