Creative BioMart Updated Its Membrane Protein Screening Service

February 9,2015--Creative BioMart, one of the most influential Us-based Biotech company, updated its Membrane Protein Screening Service, making a big step forward in the scientific study.
With the hard work of the scientists, Creative BioMart finally succeeded in updating its service to serve scientists better with their studies. “After this latest update, our membrane protein screening service has a lager application and now it’s open to any project with a focus on the demanding class of membrane proteins, which is our goal and we had made it!” said one of the senior scientists in Creative BioMart. 
According to its official speaker, Creative BioMart uses a kind of particle to provide an alternative to living cells, membrane preparations, and detergent-solubilized proteins by offering concentrated membrane proteins in their native conformation.
Up to now, membrane protein screening service in Creative BioMart includes but not limited to: membrane protein extraction from cell, cell lysate or cell culture supernatants, membrane protein screening by particles-ELISA, Kinetic analysis of antibody binding by biosensor, etc.
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