Drug Resistance Antibodies Speed Up Cancer Researches


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Drug Resistance Antibodies Speed Up Cancer Researches

Drug resistance could be a severe problem in the way of benefiting eventual health care.

Drug resistance, also known as antimicrobial resistance, occurs when microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) change in ways that render the medications used to cure the infections they cause ineffective. Or it has the ability of microbes to grow in the presence of a chemical that would normally kill it or limit its growth. Through this, “superbugs” might be generated and lead to one of the major concerns that spread to others, and impose huge costs to individuals and society.

It could be said that drug resistance is everywhere. Its effects are far-reaching. Multidrug resistance (MDR), for example, is a major problem in cancer studies. As P-glycoprotein is the key molecule in MDR, researchers have constructed anti-P-glycoprotein monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). Those antibodies, including A1BG, ABCB1, ABCC, ACHE, were used for elucidation of the mechanism of MDR and for overcoming of MDR.

Creative BioMart experts have been dedicated to offering researchers better drug resistance-related antibodies in cancer area. With the proprietary technologies and years of experience, the antibodies present to be effective, sensitive and specific, which help researchers go further on the way of cancer studies.

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