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How Do You Think about cDNA Being Patentable


A few months ago, the discussions that does gene BRCA1/2 be patentable burst and the US Supreme Court finally rejected Myriad’s requirement, but the Court do claim that unlike gene BRCA1/2, cDNA is patentable.

When it was decided that BRCA1/2 was not patentable, many attentions felt assured, but little attention turned to cDNA. In following days, some began to concern that the ruling of cDNA being patentable will similarly hinder the development of science. For example, many of undergoing studies will be forced to halt as they find the study results will point to the patented cDNA. While in the other side, some concern that the un-patentable of some genes will frustrate many pharmaceutical companies and there is o motivation to conduct basic researches as there is no legal protection.

Of course there will be two kinds of opinions as the two sides of a coin. Currently it’s hard to judge the rightness or wrongness of the ruling. What the Court suggests is to reserve personal opinions. How do you think?

cDNA is an important research tool. In some studies, researchers will use the edited cDNA sequence to create animal models with certain diseases thus to find novel pharmaceutic targets or to find the root of the disease. Or cDNA can be used to develop new diagnostic tests for genetic disorders and others.

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