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Induce Some Cells into other Cells without via Stem Cells

 Reprogramme skin and glia cells into nerve cells


Re-programmed nerve cell

When I mentioned about turning one cell type into other cell type, will you think about stem cells or pluripotent stem cells which can oriented induce some type to another type? By that, people can repair lot of problems and many issues will be much easier, at least for medical conditions.

Yesterday, some researchers revealed a novel approach that even skip stem cells but achieve the effect. They re-programmed skin and glia cells intro nerve cells in brain in vivo in mice experiment.

The story started from 2011 when researchers re-programmed human skill cells or fibroblasts to dopamine directly, in which they didn’t gain the result by stem cell way for the first time in the world. After that, they tried skin cells and some support cells, such as glia cells to become nerve cells in brain.

During the experiment, they inserted genes which were designed to be activated or deactivated with drug control into the skin and glia cells as the two cells are support cells in brain. Subsequently, they transplanted the cells into mice’s brains. By drinking the water with the drug put in, such genes were activated. Then researchers observed that these cells transferred into nerve cells. In order to ensure the result, they did another study by adopting different experimental method. They injected similar genes into mice’s brains. As a result, they again successfully re-programmed mice’s own glia cells into nerve cells.

Researchers didn’t reveal the drugs and genes used in the study. But the study gives new hope to replace damaged brain cells or even other cells. This new technique pioneers the way that directly re-programme cells in vivo. This is an important discovery for cell biology and neuroscience research.


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