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Learn More about Epitope Mapping

Epitope mapping, a process of identifying the binding sites of antibodies on their target antigens, is more and more vital for the discovery and development of new therapeutics, vaccines and antibody drug development. Epitope can be divided into two categories that are linear and conformational. Most of the antigen-antibody interactions have conformational epitopes.

Generally, according to Wikipedia, there are five kinds of method for epitope mapping: X-ray co-crystallography, technically challenging for it requires large amounts of purified protein and it also need a lot of time; array-based oligo-peptide scanning, fast and relatively inexpensive; site-directed mutagenesis, limited to a small number of amino acid residues; mutagenesis mapping; and other methods as phage display and limited proteolysis, provide high throughout but lack reliability.

Determined to provide customers with advanced tools for protein expression and purification and help them with their drug development, here, in Creative BioMart, we provide a comprehensive series of epitope mapping services which include binding activity test, glycosylation analysis, overlapping peptide library and detection with our advanced technology, unparalleled accuracy, comprehensive services and fast delivery.

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