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Opinion: A Summary of Antibody-drug Conjugates


In the past half year, FDA has approved the market launch of two Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which is AdcetrisTM and Kadcyla, respectively. According to statistics, seven ADCs within 2009 to 2010 and seventy ADCs within 2011 to 2012 went into clinical trials and now the number is increasing.

The Origin of ADCs

It has been a long time since monoclonal antibodies are applied to treat tumor as a targeted therapy. A century ago, Germany scientist proposed the Monoclonal antibodies theory of "Golden Bullet", which utilizes the binding specificity of monoclonal antibody to the antigen to achieve the targeted treatment of cancerous cells. For this, he won the Nobel Prize. And in recent years, immunology-based therapeutic antibody and chemicals have dominated the clinical regimens.

Technical Features of ADCs

ADCs are composed by recombinant antibody, chemical drugs and "linker". ADCs drug development link to: screening of drug targets, preparation of recombinant antibodies, "linker" technology development and optimization of high cytotoxic compounds. Every link correlates much.

Industry Status of ADCs

Currently there are three market approved ADCs: MylotargTM, AdcetrisTM and KadcylaTM. And the core technology of ADCs is hold by a few companies. With the popularity of ADCs, more and more blockers begin to participant in.

Problems Faced by ADCs Development

The key of ADCs drug development is to build linker. Before entering the target cells, it needs to be ensured that a complete antibody combines with chemicals. Once close to or enter into the target cells, chemicals need to be accurately released. This process depends on the "stability" of linker. In addition, the loaded chemicals in ADCs antibody also depend on the chemical linker.

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