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Simple Analysis of the Growing Market of Growth Hormone

 Simple Analysis of the Growing Market of Growth Hormone-Creative BioMart

With the overall improvement of biomedical technology and basic requirements, growth hormone (GH) market is growing rapidly in recent years.

Growth hormone is the power source of growing

Secreted by anterior pituitary of human brain, growth hormone is a hormone that promotes the growth of the body, whose main physiological effect is to promote the synthesis of tissues, in particular protein thus stimulate bone growth. Dysfunction of growth hormone will cause many problems, for example, deficiency in growth hormone will cause growth arrest, but if excessive secretion of growth hormone can cause excessive growth of human body parts, such as "gigantism" and "acromegaly".

Countermeasures—recombinant growth hormone

Now recombinant growth hormones are widely used in clinical conditions. Most of the recombinant growth hormones are derived from transgenic E. coli. The genetic engineering technology saves the production cost as well as high-purity yields.

The increasing rise in market

According to statistics, the sales of international growth hormone market soared from $1.9 billion to $6.8 billion during 2003 to 2010 and the trend is still increasing. Creative BioMart experts predict the promising future of hormone markets.

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