The 3D Structure of RSV Has Been Revealed


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The 3D Structure of RSV Has Been Revealed

 The 3D Structure of RSV

The mention of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) reminds people of lung infection in children, which leads to more than 548 deaths every day. However, so far there is no relevant vaccine to prevent the virus due to under-investigation in some aspects.

RSV causes flu-like symptoms in healthy adults, but triggers life-threatening symptoms in young children and the elderly. Several days ago, researchers declaimed that they have solved the three-dimensional structure of RSV.

RSV is related to measles and mumps viruses. All three viruses parasitize human cells, stealing parts of the cell membrane to use as their own. In RSV the resulting virus membranes look likes tubes and spheres and the virus' matrix protein controls this shape. During the study, researchers observed that the fusion protein on the surface was in two different forms.

The disclosure of the virus structure helps scientists understand how it initiates infection and thus find solutions accordingly, such as the design of novel vaccine. The discovery of the fusion protein enlightens clues for scientists to develop therapeutic antibodies to the virus.

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