The Difference between Mouse Antibodies and Rabbit Antibodies


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The Difference between Mouse Antibodies and Rabbit Antibodies

 The Difference between Mouse Antibodies and Rabbit Antibodies

During past years, conventional antibodies have been widely utilized in researches, for example, protein detection via Western blot analyses, immunohistochemistry [1] and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) [2] .And there are also newly developed technologies/antibodies to meet the increasing demands, such as full size antibodies for diagnostic applications in pregnancy tests and detection of the viruses in the blood, or an ELISA that detects HIV.

Generally mouse is the predominant animal host for monoclonal antibody production and also a host for polyclonal antibody generation. Mouse is also a widely used research model, and many antibodies against mouse genes are available.So as the hamsters that offer unique advantage of an antibody that can be used in vivo in the mouse model without eliciting an immune response against the injected antibody. They can be used in early discovery research, in vivo preclinical therapeutic investigations, in vitro diagnostics and others.

Rabbit antibodies, as relatively new antibodies, have a higher affinity than mouse antibodies. Rabbit antibodies are more closely related to human than mouse-derived antibodies and it is also believed that they recognize a greater variety of epitopes. The rabbit immune response is able to recognize epitopes that are non-immunogenic in mouse. Another advantage of rabbit antibodies is their higher immunogenicity against human protein targets in comparison with mice and rat antibodies.

Overall, rabbit antibodies are more specific and sensitive than mouse, being ideal for applications like IHC, IF staining and flow cytometry. However, mouse antibodies as predominant conventional antibodies have their value too. The selection of antibody is up to your research and study purpose.

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