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The Method to Boost Protein Yields

Therapeutic proteins are now widely used for clinical purpose. Drugs based on proteins are increasingly important.

Usually proteins from microbial cells are used to make drug, while with the demand of high efficacy and stability, animal cells are used to make more complex drugs. Proteins made from animal cells are more close to human-type glycosylations and more acceptable by human immune system, while the cost using animal cells is more expensive. Proteins made from bacteria are more cost-effective, however, the efficacy of glycoprotein production is still quite poor. In order to boost the protein yields and lower the cost, researchers made studies.

Using a technique, named inverse metabolic engineering, researchers can produce much more proteins than these in lab tests. The technique was able to screen cells to identify strains that are likely to be the most efficient glycoprotein producers. Followed by mass spectrometry, the researchers characterized and accurately quantified the proteins being produced by the bacteria.

After the study, the new method was also tested on antibody fragment and showed positive result.

Protein modification is broadly used in current human therapeutic drugs and glycosylation. With the discovery of the new technique, the researchers believed it will promote the efficacy and stability of proteins from bacteria as well as from animal cells.


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