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Tips for Choosing an Elisa Kit (1)

ELISA kit refers to Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay kit. It makes detection easier in a faster and simpler way. There are four general ELISA Kit types: direct, indirect, sandwich or competitive. Therefore there are choices in your research in choosing an Elisa kit.

Generally, the basic principle for choice is the simplest, the best that works for your reagents and brings expected results.

Secondly, use Elisa plates designed for ELISAs to maintain consistency, minimizing edge effects and providing optimal optical conditions for data collection. If condition allows, you can choose several plates from different manufactures for batch to batch, particularly if an assay is being developed for commercial, diagnostic, or quality control uses. Flat-bottomed and 96-well plates are the commonly used Elisa assays.

Thirdly, note the consistency and standardization of the assay that will determine the reproducibility and accuracy of your results. At the beginning, parameter testing is necessary, and buffers, temperature, and humidity are also important to keep constant to produce standardized output.

Fourthly, pay attention to edge effect and hook effect. They are two common errors likely to happen in Elisa assays.

Fifthly, consider antibodies used in Elisa assays, which can be monoclonal, polyclonal, or recombinant. Monoclonal antibodies can be used for all antibody-containing steps in all types of ELISAs. Polyclonal antibodies can be powerful tools for the thorough detection of an antigen, often yielding higher signal levels. See our antibodies collection for antibody choices.

Sixthly, notice various samples tested in an Elisa. The sample complexity and target antigen present decide the format of assays.

There are also other aspects needed to take note, such as coating, blocking and washing which we will mention in future.

To learn more or choose ELISA Kits, please see our Elisa Kits collection.

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