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Using New Custom Antibodies Banish Microbes



Many bacteria have developed resistance to current antibiotics, even super-bugs are raging.

Old bacteria mutate to adopt antibiotics. In order to solve this problem, some researchers caught an idea that they planned to use antibodies to trigger the body response. We know antibodies will be produced at the time of microbes invading. Then those antibodies guard and go around our body from microbes by binding to their surface. By doing this, our immune system is triggered and gives corresponding “actions” to attack or destroy the invaders.

In the study, their antibody was synthetic colloid particles that can be used to target on specific bacteria. Colloids are materials in which tiny particles of one material are dispersed in another material. After the tests, they confirmed the colloid antibody particles are shells packed with a killing agent which are designed to recognize and bind to specific bacteria.

Based on this finding, researchers hope to expand and improve the application range of the antibodies with high specificity and efficacy in addition to its antibiotic-resistance use. For example, they can thus develop non-toxic antibacterial agents.


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