Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro

Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro

Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro offers ColorLabel TM service that couldn't be any easier. Simply supply us with your protein or antibody of interest and we will use our high-efficiency labeling protocols to custom conjugate it to our unique Creative Dyes. So, whether you are using FACS to analyze a single cell, multiplexing using multiple dyes, or looking to biotin conjugate antibodies to provide signal amplification through binding of avidin, consider the convenience and trust with ColorLabel TM service from Creative BioMart .

The Featured Service:

  • Labeling of 1-5 mg of protein

    -universal C- or N-terminal labeling
    -dual color labeling
    -amino or thiol protein labeling

  • Purification of the labeled protein by size exclusion
  • Analysis of the conjugate

    -fluorescent properties (ex/em spectra)
    -determination of protein concentration
    -determination of dye-to-protein ratio

Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro

We can conjugate antibodies/proteins to many labels:

Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro

  • Alexa Fluor dyes
  • ATTO Fluor dyes
  • Dylight series
  • Cy dyes
  • Cascade Blue, Oregon Green, and other Molecular Probes proprietary fluorophores
  • Traditional fluorophores -e.g. FITC, TRITC, Texas Red
  • R-PE, APC and Alexa Fluor tandems

Not limited to dyes listed above. Please consult our experts if you need assistance in choosing the optimal fluorophore for your conjugation. To select Creative Dye that's right for your needs, please check the excitation and emission properties of our dyes.


ColorLabelTM Advantages

  • A wide selection of colors
  • High intensity
  • Photostability –optimal fluorescent stability for multiple exposures and increased
    exposure time
  • Room temperature incubations
  • pH insensitive
  • Low background
  • Easy to use - no harsh chemicals required for conjugation

We conjugate the antibody/protein under mild conditions, giving the best results to maintain the binding properties and capacities of the antibodies or relevant proteins. We are committed to giving our best effort to achieve a successful outcome. Please provide as much information on your protein/antibody as is possible in order to get the best possible chance for a successful conjugation.

Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro

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