Fluorescent Tagged Protein in Vivo

Creative BioMart Our ColorProbeTM fluorescent proteins are specially optimized for protein localization/interaction studies. Ranging in color from blue to far-red, ColorProbeTM fluorescent proteins can be used for multicolor labeling and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) applications for visualization of protein translocation against other subcellular structures, investigation of protein-protein co-localization, detection of the onset of gene expression from distinct promoters, and separation of mixed cell populations.

We have a long time track records demonstrating successful performance of ColorProbeTM in protein fusions with cellular proteins in various heterogical systems and models including highly oligomerizing cellular proteins.

Fluorescent Tagged Protein in Vivo

Fluorescent Tagged Protein in Vivo

ColorProbeTM Advantages over Similar Products:

  • Multicolor protein collection for in vivo labeling applications
  • Single genetic construct to perform multicolor live experiments
  • Stable cell line expression
  • Superbright and fast maturing
  • Bright labels of cells and cell organelles
  • Perfect reporters of gene expression
  • Suitable markers for whole body imaging

Products and Services Including:

  • Vector Series:
    • Bacterial expression vectors
    • Mammalian expression vectors
    • Vectors for labeling of mitochondria
    • Promoterless vectors
    • Ready to use subcellular localization vectors
  • Fluorescent Protein expression and fusion construction (customized)

Fluorescent Tagged Protein in Vivo

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