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High-throughput Protein Production

Creative BioMart's professional team can help accelerate your project by providing high-throughput protein production services of up to 1,000 variants within 30 working days. We provide one-stop high-throughput protein production services, including gene synthesis, mutagenesis, subcloning, pilot-scale protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization.

Why Do You Need High-throughput Protein Production?

Projects such as biomedical research and drug discovery often involve the use of large numbers of proteins produced from different protein families and from different species. Protein expression and purification is a multi-manipulative and time-consuming endeavor whose efficiency greatly affects the progress of these projects. If a high-throughput method is used for protein expression and purification, it is possible to express and purify a large number of these proteins for academic or commercial research in a highly parallel and rapid manner.

Why Choose Us for High-throughput Protein Production?

  • Fast turnaround time: 30 days to get ~1,000 protein variants
  • Cost-effective: Save up to 70%
  • Flexibility: Fully customized to meet all requirements
  • High-throughput capacity: towards translational research and drug discovery
  • Multiple expression systems: Bacterial, yeast, mammalian expression systems, etc
  • One-stop service: From gene synthesis, subcloning, protein expression, purification to protein characterization.

High-throughput Protein Production Platform

High-throughput Protein Production Platform

Creative BioMart's expert team has many years of experience in high-throughput protein production, and can optimize protein production conditions according to different project conditions, whether it is the selection of expression vectors, the determination of expression systems, the optimization of culture conditions, the optimization of purification strategies or the evaluation of protein expression.

Bacterial vs. Yeast Expression Systems

Bacterial Yeast
E. coli S. cerevisiae P. pastoris
Established expression system Yes Yes Yes
Structures from host-expressed samples 37,681 232 511
Fully sequenced genome Yes Yes Yes
High-quality functional annotation Yes Yes Yes
Industrial scalability Yes Yes Yes
Cultivated in 96/384-well plates Yes Yes Yes
Optimum temperature (range) (oC) 37 (20–50) 32 (4–45) 30 (10–42)
Max. specific growth rate, μ (h-1) 0.45–1.54 0.28–0.51 0.15–0.29
Doubling time (min) 20–30 90-140 90-180
Cost of medium, per liter (€) 0.8-3.1 4.8-63.5 4.5-35.0
OD600 at harvest 2-8 4-10 8-16
Dry-cell weight at harvest (g) 0.8-3.2 2.4-6.0 4.8-9.6
Max. protein productivity (mg/l) 82 75 400
Efficiency of secretory pathway Low Moderate High

We focus on protein products and services, and have good cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and researchers engaged in biomedical research. To provide customers with satisfactory service is the purpose we have been practicing. We tailor suitable high-throughput protein production solutions for each customer, and deliver gene constructs, purified proteins and detailed reports.


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