High Yield Protein Production

As one of the world's leading suppliers of protein services, Creative BioMart provides personalized services to drive yield improvements in protein production. Our expert team is able to greatly increase the cell density within the bioreactor to achieve elevated productivity. Our ultrahigh yields allow for downsizing of bioreactors and open new avenues for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and protein production.

How to Achieve High Yield Protein Production?

We have extensive experience in the application of common protein expression systems such as bacterial expression systems, yeast expression systems, and mammalian expression systems in protein production, and have explored different measures for improving protein production yields, including considerations such as host strain selection, promoter selection, plasmid copy number, mRNA stability and codon usage, as well as optimization of cell growth conditions and media.

A common strategy for high yield protein production is to increase cell density. During this process, the environment within the bioreactor is kept constant, and the cell density is increased by a continuous nutrient supply. At the end of the cultivation period, the entire harvest is processed as in any other fed-batch process. During the cultivation process, the medium is replenished according to the needs of the cells, while the cells and products are retained in the reactor by the retaining device.

How to Achieve High Yield Protein Production?

Why Choose Us for High Yield Protein Production?

  • 5-10 fold increase in process yield
  • Extended capability of fed-batch processes
  • Strain selection for high-level protein production
  • Optimization of culture conditions
  • High cell density expression methods
  • Optimization of protein purification process

We have more than 20 kinds of expression systems, and can customize personalized high-yield protein production solutions based on different projects. We provide an end-to-end service that not only ensures high-purity proteins, but also assesses protein quality through professional analytical services. We can optimize the protein production process according to the needs of customers, and can also adjust the production scale according to different research needs.

The Process of Our High Yield Protein Production Services

The Process of Our High Yield Protein Production Services

Protein expression and purification is Creative BioMart core competency. With many years of experience, we have produced thousands of proteins for our clients—including the leading global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as several government agencies. Our new technology offers our clients high transfection efficiencies and improved yields of recombinant proteins.

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