Magnetic Bead-Coupled Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Biocoupling is the process of covalent binding of two biomolecules. Standard biochemical couplings include amine coupling of amino acid residues of lysine, sulfhydryl coupling of cysteine residues, and often photochemically initiated free radical reactions. The product of a bio-coupling is a bioconjugate. Magnetic beads are generally superparamagnetic and can aggregate rapidly in a magnetic field, contributing to a homogeneous dispersion of magnetic separation after leaving the field. By biomagnetic beads, we mean superparamagnetic microspheres with fine particle sizes. Magnetic bead coupling is a promising field of research for developing novel research on specific target-derived proteins, DNA, RNA, and carbohydrates, such as ligand discovery, disease diagnosis, and efficient screening.

Magnetic beads are coupled to biomolecules by linkers

Figure 1. Magnetic beads are coupled to biomolecules by linkers.


  • Common types of coupling. Biotin attached to a protein, protein to protein (e.g., antibody to enzyme coupling).
  • Uncommon coupling molecules. Oligosaccharides, nucleic acids, synthetic polymers (e.g., polyethylene glycols, carbon nanotubes).

One of the hotspots of our many services is the coupling of magnetic beads to proteins and magnetic beads to nucleic acids. Creative BioMart offers services for coupling magnetic beads to proteins, antibodies, peptides, DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, and other biological couples, which can be used for applications such as immunoprecipitation, protein purification, Pull Down, cell sorting, aptamer screening, antibody high throughput screening, immunodiagnostics, etc.

Magnetic bead coupling service flow

Magnetic bead coupling service flow


  • Specialized coupling technology services with >85% coupling efficiency, reducing the number of expensive biomolecules such as antibodies and proteins.
  • Provision of overall protocols and quality control data.
  • With a diverse selection of magnetic beads, we can directly select the beads you need from our in-house product center.


  • Immobilization of biotinylated antibodies by streptavidin magnetic beads
  • Magnetic bead immobilized enzymes, streptavidin magnetic bead, immobilized biotinylated probes
  • Two-terminal fluorescent molecularly labeled oligonucleotide molecular probes
  • Magnetic bead-coupled antibodies

Magnetic bead coupling is a promising area of research; please contact us to start your project as soon as possible.

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