Mammalian Two-Hybrid System

Mammalian Two-Hybrid System

Creative BioMart Mammalian Two-Hybrid Assay allows rapid and convenient analysis of protein-protein interactions in transfected mammalian cells. This assay uses a SEAP secreted reporter to measure the interactions between the two proteins of interest, eliminating the need for cell lysis. Because this two-hybrid assay is performed in mammalian cells, proteins encoded by mammalian cDNAs are more likely to be in their native conformation; therefore, post-translational modifications and experimental results are more likely to represent biologically significant interactions.


  • Fast, convenient analysis of protein-protein interactions in mammalian cells
  • SEAP secreted reporter eliminates the need for cell lysis
  • Biologically relevant results are more likely in a mammalian system


  • Confirm protein-protein interactions in mammalian cells
  • Map interacting domains

A major advantage of the mammalian two-hybrid assay over yeast two-hybrid system is that protein-protein interactions are studied in mammalian cell lines. As a result, this assay enables researchers to study interactions between mammalian proteins that may not fold correctly in yeast or that require post-translational modification or external stimulation that is not present in yeast.

Mammalian Two-Hybrid System

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