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By outsourcing in vitro mutagenesis projects to Creative BioMart your lab can profit from an extremely short turnaround time, even in demanding mutagenesis projects.

Mutagenesis is an important DNA manipulation technique in the laboratory. It involves various constituents of a gene, usually for the purposes of testing the function of a gene or protein in detail. The mutation may also produce mutant proteins with interesting properties, or enhanced or novel functions to be investigated.

At Creative BioMart, we guarantee top accuracy and unlimited sites. Moreover, we offer comprehensive upstream and downstream services, including template sequencing, expression vector construction, and protein expression and purification. The proven expertise of Creative BioMart's team in the field of in vitro mutagenesis combined with our optimized technology allows us to deliver mutated and verified vectors (purified DNA and bacterial clones) within only a few days, thereby saving scientists' valuable time.

Site-Directed Mutagenesis
The GenePowerTM site-directed mutagenesis service introduces single or multiple mutations (substitutions, insertions, deletions, or truncations) into existing DNA sequences quickly and economically.

Insertional Mutagenesis
The GenePowerTM Insertional mutagenesis service provided you a functional forward genetics screen for the identification of novel genes involved in the pathogenesis of human cancers. Different insertional mutagens have been successfully used to reveal new cancer genes.

Random Mutagenesis
The GenePowerTM Controlled Randomization technology allows you to accurately direct the effective frequency of random nucleotide substitutions. And unlike error-prone PCR, you decide exactly which part(s) of the gene is affected-randomize the entire open reading frame or confine the mutagenesis to specific regions.

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