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 Cell Differentiation Proteins Background

Cell differentiation refers to the process of a cell changing its cell type to another type. Generally speaking, this process occurs on a less specialized cell and forming a more specialized cell. Cell differentiation is one of the most common processes during the development of a multicellular organism, and also in tissue reparation, wound healing and normal cell turnover during adulthood.

Extracellular determinants of cell differentiation and function include a complex milieu of soluble signals (growth factors, dissolved gases), insoluble cues, (extracellular matrix, cell-cell interactions) and physical stimuli (shear). Traditional cell culture approaches employed in cell differentiation studies vary biological inducers one-at-a-time, requiring large numbers of cells and considerable time investment for thorough analysis. As a primary manufacturer, Creative Biomart provides recombinant proteins of several sources, grades and formulations for cell differentiation research applications.