Chromatin Binding Proteins

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 Chromatin Binding Proteins Background

Chromatin binding proteins also known as 'readers' contain lots of structural information that reveal the formation of extensive contacts with the phosphate bases and nucleotides on the DNA. Chromatin binding proteins, or DNA binding proteins, contain binding domains which are attracted to certain segments of DNA. These proteins are able to affect many aspects of DNA transcription and can be naturally occurring in cells or composed extracellular molecules. As a primary manufacturer of recombinant proteins, Creative Biomart provides protein product of several sources, grades and formulations for chromatin binding proteins or DNA binding proteins research applications.


DNA binding proteins are critical in many aspects of biology, especially transcriptional regulation. The spatial and temporal regulation of transcription is crucial for the development and survival of all organisms. A key mechanism of transcriptional regulation is the action of activators or repressors on the basal transcription machinery. Transcriptional activators or repressors usually contain a DNA binding domain and an activation or repression domain which are functionally separable. Therefore, the specificity of activation is simply controlled by the sequence specific binding of the DNA binding domain. The DNA binding domains of many transcription factors often use alpha helices to bind to the major groove of DNA. Notable exceptions include the prokaryotic repressors met, mnt, arc, the novel DNA-binding protein AbrB, and the eukaryotic TATA binding protein.