Cytokine Proteins

 Cytokine Proteins Background

Cytokines are secreted proteins that regulate numerous biological processes including immune inflammatory response, cellular growth and differentiation, cell survival, and programmed cell death. The cytokine superfamily includes an array of diverse soluble factors that induce cell responses through binding to their receptors. One subset of the cytokine family, including more than 30 members, is the α-helical cytokine. These cytokines, include interleukin (IL), erythropoietin (EPO), and some hormones, bind to a class of receptors known as type I cytokine receptors. Type I cytokine receptor family is further divided into subgroups base on the utilization of shared subunits. For instance, the common gp130 subunit is component of receptor for the IL-6, IL-11, Oncostatin M (OSM), and leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF). Another subset of the cytokine family is the interferons (IFNs). IFNs bind to type II cytokine receptors that are closely related to the type I receptors. The complexity of cytokine receptors provides one molecular explanation for the specificity of cytokines. Creative Biomart provides cytokines and cytokine receptors of several sources, grades and formulations for research applications.