• Official Full Name
  • hairy
  • Synonyms
  • H; hairy; CG6494 gene product from transcript CG6494-RB; hairy protein; hairy, isoform B; CG6494-PB; h-PB; barrel; hairy, isoform A; CG6494-PA; h-PA; 8247; bHLHb39; bHLHc14; brr; CG6494; dDr1; Dmel\CG6494; HRY; l(3)08247; l(3)rM384
Source (Host):HEK293Species:CDV
Product nameRecombinant CDV H(ΔTM) Protein
Source (Host):HEK293Species:CDV
Product nameRecombinant CDV(Strain Onderstepoort) Hemagglutinin H Protein, His-tagged

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