• Official Full Name
  • interferon activated gene 204
  • Synonyms
  • IFI204; interferon activated gene 204; interferon-activable protein 204; Gamma-interferon-inducible protein Ifi16; Interferon-inducible myeloid differentiation transcriptional activator; ifi-204; interferon-inducible protein p204; interferon, gamma-inducible gene 204; interferon, gamma-inducible protein 16; p204; Ifi16

IFI204 Related Articles

Mondini, M; Vidali, M; et al. Role of the interferon-inducible gene IFI16 in the etiopathogenesis of systemic autoimmune disorders. AUTOIMMUNITY, PT B: NOVEL APPLICATIONS OF BASIC RESEARCH 1110:47-56(2007).
De Andrea, M; Zannetti, C; et al. The mouse interferon-inducible gene Ifi204 product interacts with the Tpr protein, a component of the nuclear pore complex. JOURNAL OF INTERFERON AND CYTOKINE RESEARCH 22:1113-1121(2002).