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    α2-M; a-Macroglobulin;
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Human a-Macroglobulin-535H Active Native Human a-Macroglobulin human plasma N/A
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How does alpha-Macroglobulin interact with other proteins or components of the extracellular matrix, and what are the functional consequences of these interactions? 11/23/2021

Alpha-Macroglobulin interacts with various extracellular matrix components, including collagens, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans, influencing tissue remodeling, cell adhesion, and matrix homeostasis in different physiological and pathological contexts.

Can alpha-Macroglobulin be targeted for therapeutic interventions to modulate protease activity in specific pathological conditions? 10/17/2021

Targeting alpha-Macroglobulin may provide therapeutic opportunities to modulate protease activity in specific pathological conditions, either by enhancing its inhibitory function or developing small molecules that mimic its protease-trapping activity.

Can alpha-Macroglobulin be used as a diagnostic marker for specific diseases or conditions associated with altered protease activity? 09/06/2021

Alpha-Macroglobulin levels or activity may serve as a diagnostic marker for conditions associated with abnormal protease activity, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, or neurodegenerative disorders.

How does alpha-Macroglobulin interact with cell surface receptors and modulate signaling pathways? 04/29/2021

Alpha-Macroglobulin interacts with cell surface receptors, such as low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 (LRP1), to mediate endocytosis and downstream signaling events that regulate cell behavior and inflammation.

What are the structural features of alpha-Macroglobulin that contribute to its ability to trap and inhibit proteases? 04/10/2021

The structural features of alpha-Macroglobulin, such as its bait region and thioester domain, play critical roles in recognizing and trapping proteases, allowing for their subsequent clearance or degradation.

What are the proteolytic targets of alpha-Macroglobulin and how does it interact with specific proteases? 09/07/2019

Alpha-Macroglobulin interacts with a wide range of proteases, including serine proteases, metalloproteases, and cysteine proteases, targeting specific cleavage sites within their catalytic domains.

What is the role of alpha-Macroglobulin in inflammation and immune responses, and how does it influence the activation of immune cells? 03/08/2019

Alpha-Macroglobulin is involved in modulating inflammation and immune responses by regulating the activity of proteases that are implicated in these processes, thereby influencing the activation and function of immune cells.

How does alpha-Macroglobulin regulate protease activity and prevent unwanted proteolysis in biological systems? 12/12/2017

Alpha-Macroglobulin acts as a protease inhibitor by undergoing conformational changes upon protease binding, leading to the formation of a covalent complex that sequesters the protease and prevents its activity.

How does alpha-Macroglobulin clearance occur in the body, and what are the mechanisms involved in its degradation and turnover? 09/24/2017

Alpha-Macroglobulin clearance occurs through receptor-mediated endocytosis, with LRP1 playing a major role in its internalization and subsequent trafficking to lysosomes for degradation.

What is the impact of genetic variations or mutations in alpha-Macroglobulin on its function and association with disease susceptibility? 08/26/2017

Genetic variations or mutations in alpha-Macroglobulin can affect its protease inhibitory capacity, leading to altered protease regulation and potential associations with diseases such as familial hypercholesterolemia or Alzheimer's disease.

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