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Official Full Name v-yes-1 Yamaguchi sarcoma viral related oncogene homolog
Background Lyn, one of the Src family members, is predominantly expressed in hematopoietic cells. Two tyrosine residues have been reported to play a crucial role in the regulation of protein tyrosine kinases of the Src family. Autophosphorylation of Tyr396 (equivale
Synonyms LYN; v-yes-1 Yamaguchi sarcoma viral related oncogene homolog; tyrosine-protein kinase Lyn; JTK8; lck/Yes-related novel protein tyrosine kinase; p53Lyn; p56Lyn; FLJ26625
    • Species :
    • Chicken
    • Human
    • Mouse
    • Rat
    • Zebrafish
    • Source :
    • E.coli
    • HEK293
    • HEK293T
    • Insect cell
    • Mammalian Cell
    • Sf9 Insect Cell
    • Wheat Germ
    • Tag :
    • Flag
    • GST
    • His
    • His&GST
    • Myc/DDK
    • Myc
    • DDK
    • N/A
    Species Cat.# Product name Source (Host) Tag Protein Length Price
    Human LYN-1127H Recombinant Human V-Yes-1 Yamaguchi Sarcoma Viral Related Oncogene Homolog, GST-tagged Sf9 Insect Cell GST
    Human LYN-1254H Recombinant Human V-Yes-1 Yamaguchi Sarcoma Viral Related Oncogene Homolog, His-tagged Insect Cell N/A
    Human LYN-1343H Recombinant Human LYN Protein, MYC/DDK-tagged HEK293 Myc/DDK
    Human LYN-252H Recombinant Human LYN Protein, GST-tagged Insect Cell GST
    Human LYN-27984TH Recombinant Human LYN N/A
    Human LYN-28760TH Recombinant Human LYN E.coli N/A
    Human LYN-4556H Recombinant Human LYN Protein, GST-tagged Wheat Germ GST
    Human LYN-4557H Recombinant Human LYN Protein, GST/His-tagged Insect Cell GST/His
    Human LYN-4990H Recombinant Human LYN Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged, C13 and N15-labeled HEK293T Myc/DDK
    Human LYN-514H Recombinant Human LYN Protein, His-tagged E.coli His
    Human LYN-61H Recombinant Human LYN protein, Flag-tagged, Biotinylated Insect Cell Flag
    Human LYN-643H Recombinant Human LYN, GST-tagged E.coli GST
    Human LYN-656HCL Recombinant Human LYN cell lysate Insect Cell N/A
    Human LYN-7218H Recombinant Human LYN, His-tagged E.coli His
    Human LYNA-760H Recombinant Human LYNA Protein, His/GST-tagged Insect cell His&GST
    Mouse Lyn-3877M Recombinant Mouse Lyn Protein, Myc/DDK-tagged HEK293T Myc/DDK
    Mouse LYN-9386M Recombinant Mouse LYN Protein Mammalian Cell His
    Rat LYN-3514R Recombinant Rat LYN Protein Mammalian Cell His
    Chicken LYN-1532C Recombinant Chicken LYN Mammalian Cell His
    Zebrafish LYN-1267Z Recombinant Zebrafish LYN Mammalian Cell His

    lyn involved in several pathways and played different roles in them. We selected most pathways lyn participated on our site, such as Chemokine signaling pathway, NF-kappa B signaling pathway, Platelet activation, which may be useful for your reference. Also, other proteins which involved in the same pathway with lyn were listed below. Creative BioMart supplied nearly all the proteins listed, you can search them on our site.

    Pathway Name Pathway Related Protein
    Chemokine signaling pathway GM10591; PLCB3; RASGRP2; PIK3R1; CCL24; GM13304; PRKACG; GNG10; CCR6; STAT5B
    NF-kappa B signaling pathway BTK; TRIM25; PIAS4; TNFAIP3; CCL19; MAP3K7IP3; CARD11; BCL2A1A; NFKB2; Ccl21a
    Platelet activation ITGB1; ARHGEF1; MAPK12; GUCY1B3; GNAI2; GP1BB; PLCB1; MAPK3; ITPR1; MYLK2
    B cell receptor signaling pathway Cd79a, Cd79b; cgr2b; PLEKHA2; PTPN18; IFITM1; CMTM3; RAC2; LYN; CSK; VAV1
    Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway LCP2; PLA2G4F; MAPK11; FCER1A; MAP2K2; RAC1; PIK3R5; PDPK1; IL4; BTK
    Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis PIK3CD; MARCKSL1; MARCKS; PIK3R3; PIP5K1C; PIK3R2; PLA2G6; VAV2; AKT2; FCGR2B
    Long-term depression PLCB1; IGF1; GRIA2; BRAF; PLCB2; ITPR1; PRKCB; LYN; PPP2CA; CRH
    Epithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection ATP6V1F; MAPK10; NFKB1; F11R; MAP3K14; ATP6V1G3; NOD1; ATP6V1A; IKBKB; ATP6V1C1
    Epstein-Barr virus infection MAPK12; CSNK2A2; HLA-E; HLA-DQA2; HLA-DRB5; HDAC2; SNW1; IL10RA; Fcer2a; CD44
    Viral carcinogenesis IL6ST; GTF2A2; ACTN1; GTF2A1; PIK3R3; HIST2H4; BAX; HLA-A; HIST1H2BM; HIST1H2BI

    lyn has several biochemical functions, for example, ATP binding, SH3 domain binding, enzyme binding. Some of the functions are cooperated with other proteins, some of the functions could acted by lyn itself. We selected most functions lyn had, and list some proteins which have the same functions with lyn. You can find most of the proteins on our site.

    Function Related Protein
    SH3 domain binding BCAR1; QKI2; PLSCR1; RAD9; GPX1; VASP; CABYR; ABI2; SH3BP5B; FUT8
    enzyme binding TSPAN15; PTPLA; CNTNAP2; LAMB1; RCOR2; PPP3CB; MAPT; PICK1; TULP3; TAL1
    gamma-tubulin binding NDN; TUBGCP4; CEP57L1; BLOC1S2A; BLOC1S2; PIFO; CEP57; NDRG1; TUBGCP5; RACGAP1
    glycosphingolipid binding SELP; LAMA1; LAMC1; LYN; Cel; LAMB1; SELL; Il2
    integrin binding WISP1B; ACTN4; IGF1; ICAM3; ACTN1; CXADR; CALR; CD151; CTGFA; GFAP
    ion channel binding KCNH1; RNF207; AKAP6; SRC; FXYD1; FAM115C; TRAPPC2; ASPH; KCNB1; KCNE4
    non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity TXK; PTK6B; CLK1; TNK2B; SYK; PKDCC; PTK2B; LYN; SRC; BAZ1B
    phosphoprotein binding ARR3; TBL2; SNCA; LRP11; PAFAH1B1; PKD2; MS4A2; IGF2R; TRPV1; RB1
    platelet-derived growth factor receptor binding PDGFC; IL1R1; LYN; VEGFA; FIGF; PDGFRB; PDGFAA; PDGFD; PTEN; PDGFB
    protein binding MED15; THG1L; HIST1H2AL; YTHDF3; NEK1; MYL7; GTF3C5; PLEKHA1; IL6R; SOX17
    protein tyrosine kinase activity EPHB2B; KIAA1804; FGFR1B; FGFR3; IGF1R; EPHA4B; NTRK2B; TTN; AXL; BAZ1B
    receptor binding CXCL10; NUDT19; SRC; WNT11R; DAO; NRG3; MAG; DDO; IDH1; WNT4B
    receptor signaling protein tyrosine kinase activity INSR; KITA; SYK; ERBB3B; KITB; TYRO3; ERBB4; ERBB4A; EGFR; LYN
    ubiquitin protein ligase binding HSPA1A; XRCC5; NGFR; PIAS2; CUL3; STX8; UBXN6; FANCL; LYN; GLMN

    lyn has direct interactions with proteins and molecules. Those interactions were detected by several methods such as yeast two hybrid, co-IP, pull-down and so on. We selected proteins and molecules interacted with lyn here. Most of them are supplied by our site. Hope this information will be useful for your research of lyn.

    EGFR; polg_hcvh; polg_hcvco; KHDRBS1; polg_hcvj4; PTK2; tip_shv2c

    Chang, CH; Wang, Y; et al. Extensive crosslinking of CD22 by epratuzumab triggers BCR signaling and caspase-dependent apoptosis in human lymphoma cells. MABS 7:199-211(2015).
    Xiao, ZG; Sperl, B; et al. Metformin and salinomycin as the best combination for the eradication of NSCLC monolayer cells and their alveospheres (cancer stem cells) irrespective of EGFR, KRAS, EML4/ALK and LKB1 status. ONCOTARGET 5:12877-12890(2014).

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