Yeast Expression Systems

As a well-defined and economical eukaryotic expression system for both secretory and intracellular expression, yeast protein expression system is perfectly suitable for large-scale manufacture of recombinant proteins. Creative BioMart has developed yeast expression vectors that are optimized for the efficient production of heterologous proteins. We have also a few strong signal sequences to ensure the highest secretion level.

Yeast Expression Systems

What is Yeast Expression Systems?

The yeast expression system is an ideal host for producing large amounts of properly folded proteins in a short period of time, and is an important tool for producing functional recombinant proteins for industrial or medical applications. The yeast expression system can be divided into methylotroph and non-methylotroph.

Methylotrophic Pichia.pastoris is a distinguished system for its growth to very high cell densities, for the available strong and tightly regulated promoters, and for the options to produce gram amounts of recombinant protein per liter of culture. If you're looking for protein production via fed-batch pichia processes, we have the experienced and credentialed staff to move your project forward.

Yeast Expression Systems

Saccharomyces. cerevisiae

  • Full genomic sequence known
  • Well developed genetic methods
  • About 6000 genes
  • A model to other eukaryotes
  • GRAS
  • No toxins
  • Ability to secrete proteins
  • Capacity for post-translational modifications

Advantages of Yeast Expression Systems

  • High yield
  • High productivity
  • Genetics can be easily manipulated
  • Ease of scaling up
  • Low protein production cost
  • Chemically defined media
  • Stable production strains
  • Durability
  • Complex post-translational modifications

At Creative BioMart, our expertise in protein expression extends to both Saccharomyces. cerevisiae and Pichia. pastoris expression systems. Expression of recombinant proteins in S. cerevisiae can be done using three types of vectors.

Yeast Integrating plasmids (YIp)
  • Yeast integrating plasmid
  • Replicating single copy plasmid
  • For integration into genomic locus
Yeast Centromere plasmids (YCp)
  • Yeast centromeric plasmid
  • Replicating single copy plasmid
  • For complementation studies
Yeast Episomal plasmids (YEp)
  • Yeast episomal plasmid
  • Replicating multi-copy plasmid
  • For recombinant protein production, multicopy suppression studies, etc.

Creative BioMart's custom production service offers choices of constitutive and inducible expressions with process optimization and scale up development, suitable for research projects at any stage or industry manufacture scale.

Service Content of Yeast Expression Systems


Gene Synthesis Plus Codon Optimization

  • Leading codon optimization system
  • Analysis and optimization of rare codons, codon bias and other factors

Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Vector Construction

  • Clone target gene into expression vector
  • Plasmid sequencing
  • Plasmid preparation

Timeline: 1 week



  • Transforming Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Various transformation methods

Timeline: 1 week


Protein Expression and Purification

  • Expression condition optimization
  • Protein expression evaluation
  • Various protein purification methods

Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Optional Services

Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Quality Control

  • Western blot
  • Mass spectrometry

Timeline: <1 week

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  • Purified protein (supplied in liquid or lyophilized form)
  • Gene sequencing report
  • QC report
  • Activity data if applicable

Feel free to send us description of your target or desired outcome of the project, our scientist will guide you through the project from design to delivery and provide expert consulting at no additional charge.

Contact us or send an email at for project quotations and more detailed information.

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