Blueprinting Proteins, Once Difficult Now Easier

Recently, a new study has brought hope to the blueprinting of a certain proteins, which is a big step forward in the field of drug discovery and development. Named in meso in situ serial crystallography (IMISX), this new method makes the job of blueprinting certain proteins relatively faster, cheaper and easier.
Actually, over half of the drugs on the market cell membrane proteins, which are important for the everyday functioning of complex cellular processes. However, the big problem we were facing is that the production of large membrane protein crystals, which are used to determine the precise 3-D structural blueprints. And previously, scientists need to harvest protein crystals and cool them at inhospitable temperature. While those acts were mostly damaging, inefficient and more prone to errors. With the new discovery, these problem are all solved. The IMISX method allows researchers to determine structural blueprints as and where the crystals grow.
Martin Caffrey, the senior author of the research commented: “This discovery is really an exciting thing. This method has been tested on a wide range of cell membrane proteins. We do believe it can make things better when it’s combined with the current existing facilities and equipment.”
“The most brilliant part of this method, I think is that these proteins are as close to being live and yet packaged in the crystals we need to determine their structure as they could ever be. In the end, the early stages of drug development would be more efficient,” added Martin Caffrey.
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