Creative BioMart Decided to Enhance Facilities for Biosimilar Comparability Study Services

Creative BioMart, a world leading biotech company that specialized in providing protein, recombinant protein, GMP protein, cell line and protein-related services, decided to enhance its facilities for biosimilar comparability study services.

The current guidelines for biosimilar allow a reduced drug development programme, making entry to the market much faster for biosimilar manufacturers. Although the pathway to licensure for biosimilar is reduced when compared to that of a new product, these cannot be considered identical to the innovator product and a number of assessments are required to demonstrate comparability.
“For a corporate to survive in fierce competition, the first thing it should do is enhancing itself. Introducing advanced techniques, gathering elite professional, improving corporate culture are all key factors.” said chief marketing staff Linna Green in Creative BioMart. “Based on the current biosimilar study services we have, we decided to allocated 3 million dollars to introducing the latest technique and employ more experts in biosimilar study” Linna Green added.

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