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Effective Monoclonal Antibodies: Solve the Problems in Preparation

As a key driving force for biotechnology industry, therapeutic antibodies are safe and effective to against cancer, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases in terms of targeted therapy. In 2011, the worldwide sale of therapeutic antibodies reached $64.57 billion, accounting for 51.8% of biopharmaceuticals share. Currently demand on therapeutic antibodies is still rising. At the end of 2015, the sale of antibody drugs is expected to reach $98 billion. The industry experts comment that the golden age of antibody drugs is coming.

One of important targets for monoclonal antibodies is transmembrane protein that exercises cell function, including multi-channel membrane protein (MMP) (such as G-protein coupled receptors) and ion channels, these proteins are also critical targets for the analysis of diagnostic tests. Currently transmembrane protein accounts for 40% of the monoclonal antibody targets, while the successful targeting bound to monoclonal antibody is few.

Most of MMP antibodies have been used for commercial purposes, usually confined to Western blot and other research fields. One of restrictions is the low-yield and high-cost in preparation though they are very useful in flow cytometry analysis and functional screening.

Creative BioMart is a world leading Biotech Company that offers high quality antibodies, including monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant antibodies and novel nanobody. With exclusive technology platforms and professional teams, many industry problems in antibody preparation have been solved. In Creative BioMart, high-yield and low-cost can be realized!

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