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Product News: Recombinant Human CD4

Last month, scientists found a mechanism how HIV infections destroy the immune cells.

It is well known that HIV infections will gradually ruin affected person’s immune system by killing these cells that come to fight against the infections. But it is mysterious how the procedures proceed. Now it is found that HIV replicates inside CD4+ T cells through complex processes that include inserting its genes into cellular DNA.During the integration, an enzyme— DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) becomes activated.Then a signal that causes the CD4+ T cell to die will be triggered.

>As early as in 1990s, scientists have noticed the relation between CD4 cells and HIV.

As an essential part of human immune system, CD4 will send signals to other cells, such as CD8. CD4 also interacts directly with MHC class IImolecules on the surface of the antigen-presenting cell using itsextracellular domain. CD4 has also been shown to interact with SPG21, LckandProtein unc-119 homolog.

>Therefore CD4 cells have been extensively studied for various purposes. Biological products for CD4, such as Recombinant Human CD4, anti-CD4 antibodies, shRNA set against CD4, mouse Anti-Human CD4 Hybridoma, anti-Human CD4 F (ab) Stable Cell Line-CHO etc. are offered at Creative BioMart.

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