The 2013 World Biotechnology Congress


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The 2013 World Biotechnology Congress


June 3-6, 2013


900 Boylston Street, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, United States


The World Biotechnology Congress 2013 is dedicated to developments and advances in biotechnology research. It will gather Pharmaceutical Scientists, Biotechnologists, Clinicians, Environmental, Food and Plant Scientists, CROs, CEOs, research and directors associates from the academia and biotechnology industry.


Plant and Environment: bioremediation, transgenic plants and crops, bio-monitoring, microbial diversity, photosynthetic microorganisms, cyanobacteria and microalgae

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: vaccines, biopharmaceuticals discovery, protein engineering and antibodies

Medical Biotechnology: diagnostics, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine), imaging, biomarkers and microarray technology

Industrial and Manufacturing: energy crops, bio-fuels, bioprocess engineering and optimization and industrial enzymes

Regenerative Medicine: tissue engineering, stem cells , gene therapy, cell cultivation and cell based therapy

Business Development: partnering trends, strategic alliances, growth, product opportunities, licensing, business models and strategies, outsourcing, merger and acquisitions, intellectual property, venture capital and financing

Marine, Food, Systems Biology, Clinical Research/clinical trials, Bio-safety, nanobiotechnology and bioethics

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Tags: Protein Engineering,  Microarray,  Antibodies,  Stem Cells

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